PowerApps Development: Retrospective & Takeaways

Being a PowerApps Developer, what is extremely pivotal for me when starting new project is to get exceptionally clear on the objectives and creating a plan with milestones.
Likewise, after completing some of my PowerApps ventures, I discovered the absolute most significant takeaways listed underneath:

1. Break down large tasks into smaller chunks, so that it is easier to know where to start.

2. Start using the Monitor tool to save significant time on debugging.

3. In order to get started with PowerApps, one should be very clear about the delegation concepts.

4. Use variables wisely to address some performance related issues.

5. Always try to use global configurations instead of screen specific.

6. Don’t make frequent call to the servers, try to use local storage if data is not changing frequently.

7. Should be very clear about “Data Restriction” and “Data Hiding”.

8. Use same screen for edit/create/delete operations. This way we can limit the controls rendering on screen.

9. When complex security metrics are required, if possible go ahead with model driven apps over canvas PowerApps.

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